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awesome like an opossum from winsconsin

hey, a journal subtitle!

alphabetically delicious
26 February 1985
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!!!111one, 12.6, =(, =), =\, ?!?, [[winks!!]], abandoned buildings, abbott, accidents, adding prefixes, adventures, amusement, animal training, anime, antiques, art, baking for others, barefeet, bathtubs, batman, biting, bizarre, boardgames, bookstores, canines, cartoons, catastrophes, cereal, character, cliffs, clock radios, clunkity old cars, colorado state university, computers, csu, dancing in the rain, dastardly bastard, debates, dr. killemoff, drawing, drawing on skin, driver license, elvis playing cards, emoticon nazi, european mutts, experiments, fairy tales, family, felines, ferrets, firm handshakes, fish oils, fist fights, flintstone chewable multi-vitamins, fort collins, friends, fruit tea, giggles, goombah, graphic design, health, hide-and-go-seek, history, history and discovery channel, homestar, hopscotch, horticulture, huge sunglasses, innocence, juke boxes, kickboxing, kid's meal toys, lemmings, libraries, lightning storms, little boy shirts, locks of love, magic eight balls, medieval times, melman the great, mens watches, midnight extravaganzas, murals, music, my guitar name frog, myth busters, nakedness, natural disasters, nature, nic nacs, no shame, nodding my head sagely, nursery rhymes, off roading, old glass bottles, ou, painting, palomar college, penguins, people's stories, periods, personality tests, photography, pillows, poker, power rangers, purposeful pictures, pyromania, racketball, raising an eyebrow, random, ransom notes, recycling, rotary phones, running to exhaustion, seducing souls, showers at night, silence, silly people, singing outloud, sisters, sitting in restaurant booths, sketch books, sleep, smiling, smirks, sniggles, solitude, spinning, squishee erasers, sticky tac, suing, swingsets, swirly chairs, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the simpsons, thong wearing toasters, toes, travel to unknown destinations, video games, wooden pool tables, word of the day, world domination, writing, wtf mate? ^^, zoomies, zounds